LWTF Fall 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Lake Waramaug - Congratulations!

Your commitment to Lake Waramaug shows. This summer our beautiful Lake sparkled. Swimmers, boaters, water-skiers, kayakers, paddleboarders, campers, fisher-people... all enjoyed the benefits of your ongoing support: Waramaug’s clean, clear, swimmable water.

For the Lake Waramaug Task Force this was not only a beautiful summer, it was also a busy summer.

We welcomed Sean Hayden aboard as our new Executive Director. Sean was out on the Lake almost every day coordinating water quality testing, surveying for invasive weeds, making sure our in-lake aeration system kept working, overseeing the feeding and release of Zooplankton from our incubators tanks on Arrow Point, inspecting stormwater culverts and construction activities along the shoreline, consulting with our lake scientists and assisting landowners on lake-friendly ways to landscape within the Lake Waramaug watershed. Phew!