A Message from Tom McGowan

After many years of “only in your dreams” work with the Task Force I am retiring. I would like to express my deepest appreciation for everyone who has contributed time, funds and moral support for the mission of the Task Force over the past 43 years.  The current and all past members of the Board, the First Selectmen of the three towns on the Lake Waramaug Interlocal Commission, Lake Waramaug Association and Lake Authority.  Maintaining good working relationships with these organizations, the town land use boards and local land trusts has been and will continue to be crucial to the success of the Task Force.  

Special thanks to our outstanding team of lake science advisors - our long time highly decorated lake research and development guru Dr. Robert Kortmann and his staff at Ecosystems Consulting Services, our invasive plant specialist Dr. George Knoecklein and our plant removal diving team under Matt Vogt.  Also to the clerical and bookkeeping staff, especially Lois Pinney, and Hank Vallely who, with his assistance, have since 1999 carefully inspected all motor boats entering the lake for invasive plants.  

Waramaug continues to enjoy improving water quality solely due to all the lake saving work we have done every year for so long.  This work must continue and it must remain as it has been - ahead of the curve. All the very best to everyone.  And here’s to the continued health and wellbeing of Lake Waramaug.