Call to Action - Five Key Challenges

The Lake Waramaug Task Force has been around for 40+ years. It is a non-profit scientific and educational organization dedicated to restoring and maintaining the ecology and water quality of Lake Waramaug and its watershed. The Task Force spearheaded the turnaround of the Lake beginning in 1975, and has been on the job ever since. Our Lake is clean, and the water quality is vastly better today because of the Task Force’s vigilance. But the job is not done. We must address each of the following five challenges if we hope to continue to keep the Lake clean and healthy.  Read more here.

An example of the important work effected by LWTF are the erosion repairs at Sucker Brook, a stream responsible for an estimated 50% of the Lake's water inflow. Over the years, several sites have developed where the stream curves that have washed away much of the soil bank, undermining trees (and, in one location, State Route 45) and depositing tons of silt into the Lake.  Read about the LWTF repair project here.