Seaplane Landing Ordiance Passes

In a public meeting held on June 17, the town of Kent became the third of the three Lake Waramaug towns to vote in favor of an ordinance prohibiting the landing of seaplanes on the lake. Washington and Warren had approved the ordinance on May 19.

The ordinance provides for a $250 fine for any landing on or takeoff from the lake. It will take effect fifteen days after proper public notification according to Connecticut General Statutes. The first selectmen of the three towns are directed to inform the FAA and all appropriate pilots' associations of the ordinance.

The Lake Waramaug Task Force, along with other environmental organizations, strongly supported the ordinance due to the threat that seaplanes could introduce destructive invasive species into the lake waters. The ordinance includes the following clause addressing the environmental concern: "Cognizant of the unavoidable danger of contamination of the Lake by aircraft from other water bodies which would compromise the many year undertaking to preserve the quality of the water of Lake Waramaug from invasive species and other pollutants...."  More information on the ordinance here.