Consider Lakefront Buffer Planting

For many years The Lake Waramaug Task Force has been concerned that more nutrients are reaching the lake from shoreline lawns. Manicured lawns are gradually replacing the native plantings along the shore that helped protect lake water quality by slowing down storm run-off and absorbing nutrients, especially phosphorus and nitrogen. These nutrients feed and spur the excessive growth of algae and aquatic weeds.

In an effort to stem this trend and "turn back the clock", the Task Force conceived a plan to develop a model native shoreline buffer designed to protect water quality. The idea was to create an attractive shoreline of native plantings that would demonstrate how it protects the water and at the same time can be very attractive, provide low maintenance and low energy consumption compared to a suburban lawn.

The model shoreline buffer was installed at 47 West Shore Road, with the support of the property's owners and local environmental organizations. It is hoped that interested lake residents will visit the site and consider native plantings for their own shorelines.

This PDF lists the plants used on the site. Most are locally available. Please consider adopting this lakefront strategy for the long-term health of Lake Waramaug!